С подарък Бадемово натурално масло

100% pure essential and base oils for body and soul, created by nature and delivered by Eterina Bulgaria

Essential oils, natural cosmetics and organic products at good prices, aroma mixtures and blends, aroma diffusers for home and work - e-eterina.eu. 100% pure lavender essential oils; ylang-ylang; eucalyptus; orange; bergamot; juniper; Tea tree; lemon and mint provided for you by Eterina. Essential oils are an affordable, versatile and convenient way to improve your health and quality of life. You can relieve pain and cramps, clear your airways, boost your immunity and solve skin problems.


"The quintessence, this is the main virtue, the divine property of every plant, which, thanks to the power and purity of the whole substance, preserves the health of the human body, prolongs youth, slows aging and eliminates all kinds of diseases."

Conrad Gessner, 1559