Massage oil with anti-cellulite action and improves lymphatic circulation

16,00 лв.
  • Brand: eterina
  • Cat No: 28

Packaging: glass bottle 100 ml. with dispenser cap


Volatility: medium


Ingredients / INCI: Almond oil; Aloe vera gel; incense essential oil; bergamot essential oil; vitamin E.


Anti-cellulite massage oil by eterina:

All-organic massage oil based on natural ingredients and essential oils. Carefully selected essential oils help restore normal skin tone. Suitable for professional and home use. The massage oil is applied with light massage movements on clean and dry skin.

Incense essential oil applied to skin massage helps to disperse lymphatic stagnation and improve lymphatic circulation. Due to its property, it is widely used in cellulite and orange skin, visibly smoothing, toning and restoring skin elasticity.


Warning: Keep out of reach of children! Perform a sensitivity test before use! Store the product tightly closed away from direct sunlight! In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water!


Anti-cellulite massage of the thighs

You embrace the thigh with your palms and start moving them in the direction from the knee up the thigh. The first movements should be caressing, and then you need to increase the pressure (without overdoing it). Then head to the front of the thighs, making strong spiral movements with your hands again in the direction from the knee up.

The posterior surface of the thighs is treated in the same way. Then make tapping movements over the entire surface of the thighs and repeat the first exercise once more.


Anti-cellulite massage of the hips

Clockwise and counterclockwise, massage in a circular motion, then rub the muscles of the hips. Special massage devices can also be used, in which case it is good to first apply the oil and rub it lightly into the skin and only then switch to massage rollers.