Anti-stretch mark body cream

  • Brand: Naturel
  • Cat No:N10

Stretch marks, split skin, itchy pregnant bellies ....
Here is a cream, completely herbal and organic, which will prevent and alleviate, if you already have them, these women's troubles!
Aromatic, soft, fluffy, caressing dry or itchy skin!
A combination of 10 BIO crude oils, healing plant juices and herbal extracts will nourish in depth, improve blood circulation in the affected areas, retain much-needed moisture and make the skin soft, smooth and calm!
Fresh citrus - floral aroma, due to the specially selected essential oils, which, in addition to lifting the spirits, work hard and benefit healthy skin!
For maximum results, apply in the morning and evening on problem areas from the beginning of the second trimester of pregnancy!

Tested, currently 100% success in pregnant women who have used it regularly since 3 months of pregnancy! Not a single stretch mark !!!

Packaging: glass

30,00 лв.

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